Popular Music Artists In 2002

What about 2002?

The year 2002 was a mark for many of the musical artists. There were so many popular songs that hit that time. The artists behind them as well became more popular. Some artists even come up that time and have developed with time until now they are still hitting the market. Some of these include Enrique Iglesias, Kelly Rowland, Jenifer Lopez among many others. Some artists obtained their celebrity status during this year 2002 and still retain it now. When we talk about popular artists, we talk about the world class artists that are involved in the production of music listened by most of the population worldwide. Such artists produce quality songs that can stay in the market for long durations. Below are some of the popular artists in the year 2002.

Jennifer Lopez

j loThis is a well-known musical artist who has come a long way over the years and is still producing quality songs currently. This artist is a legendary known by the whole world for the songs they hear over the radio and the television sets. She was born in the year 1969 July 24. She is an American by nationality born in the Bronx in New York. She later resided in Los Angeles and California cities of the same country. Considering the occupation for this lady, she has many of them. That’s why she is a legendary to many. She has been a producer, author, dancer, actress, singer and fashion designer. In the recent days, she is a well-known actress also. With time, she got married and is settled with two kids already. In her music career, she has produced music genres being R&B, Latin, pop, dance and hip-hop. Jennifer Lopez wan an icon in 2002 being a female artist with more albums and songs. Some songs she produced in 2002 include the wedding planner and J to the L-O remixes. She was awarded many awards during the year as a result.

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique is not just a popular musician but a hero to me. This guy has produced several hits that remain my best until now. No matter the years the songs has been in the air since their release, the songs he sang in the later years and 2002 are great. This musician was born in 1975 may 8. The birth took place at Madrid City in Spain. After some time, he migrated to the U.S at Miami and also resided in Florida. He is a flexible man in terms of occupation being a singer, actor, model, songwriter, cartoonist, humanitarian and record producer. He can play a variety of musical instruments including the keyboard, guitar, vocals and samples. The music genres he has produced include; Latin pop, dance-pop, Latin rock, house, soft rock and EDM. The main song he produced in 2002 was ‘hero’. If you are a fan of R&B song genre, you have come across this popular song. Such a quality of the song being produced in 2002 was a great mark and production. The song hit for the rest of the year and up to now.


usherUsher is a well-known musician or singer in the U.S. he also contributed a lot in the music industry in 2002. This is by production of hit songs that led him to be a popular icon throughout that year and has retained this popularity till now. He was born in 1978 October 14, and he was only 24 by 2002. He was born in Dallas. Texas. He is a singer, dancer, actor, songwriter and businessman. Usher concentrates more on the R&B music genres. The album confessions led him through to his establishment as a best-selling and popular music artist in the year 2002. He has developed over the years and were now a hero in music.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly is also an artist that was there to contribute to the success of the year 2002 in the music industry. She was born in 1981 in Atlanta U.S.A. she has been a singer, actress, songwriter and a television personality. She is a producer of R&B, hip-hop, pop and dance music genres. The solo album she released in 2002 was a mark that led to her popularity in those times. The album was called ‘simply deep.’ She was also involved in a remix song featuring Nelly called ‘dilemma.’ She has then come along way over the years to being who she is now, a hero.


Others include Ashanti, Nelly and nickel back band that also made significant contributions in 2002 and ended up popular.